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This mini self assessment can give you idea of where your current mindset fits with the inclusion taxonomy. Please take a moment to answer, as truthfully as you can, the following true/false questions. Don’t overthink your answers; just choose what first comes to mind or how you think about this the majority of the time.

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I think women and minority groups should be represented in companies in the same proportions as they are represented in the general population.



I want to improve the amount of diversity on my team.



In general, I feel people get hired and promoted based on merit.



We should not focus on promoting diversity and inclusion because it will happen on its own.



My team is comprised of 50% women and 30% minority group representation.



Most members of my team have background experience and skills similar to mine.



People in my LinkedIn network come from a broad variety of industries and background experiences and they represent many different demographic groups including age, gender, and race.



I don’t see color: I treat everyone the same.



My team actively takes a customized approach to different demographic group communities, such as offering custom products or service responses.



It takes too much time to include everyone’s perspective and doesn’t necessarily give a better result.



I am comfortable facilitating a boisterous team discussion about bias.



I prefer for people to be professional and leave their personal lives at home.



Sometimes my team gets better results going in a different direction than I would have done.



Sometimes I find actively including women or different demographic groups negatively impacts performance.



My team often debates the process of decision-making before we tackle the decision itself.



I find that people who fit well into our culture also perform well.


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