Inclusive Organization Scale

This mini organizational assessment can give you idea of where your team or organization lies on the Inclusive Organization Scale. Please take a moment to answer, as truthfully as you can, the following true/false questions. Don’t overthink your answers; just choose what first comes to mind or how you think about this the majority of the time.

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1. This place is an “old, white, boys club”.


2. Diversity is not on our radar.  We have more important things to focus on.


3. Less than 10% of our leadership team and/or board is female.


4. We have plenty of women  – our HR and accounting departments are mostly women, for example.


5. Our organization isn’t very diverse because our industry/community isn’t diverse


6. We have a diversity & inclusion program and have trained everyone on unconscious bias.


7. There is a women’s networking group but it is really a glorified book club.


8. People here seem to talk a big game about diversity and inclusion but nothing really changes.


9. Our affinity groups are strong and vocal in the organization.


10. We have a stated goal to improve diversity and inclusion.


11. We actively seek to hire people from less well-known schools.


12. Our external marketing materials and recruiting documents display people of different genders and race.


13. Our organization has put processes in place to remove bias from decision-making.


14. We routinely have out loud, boisterous conversations about race in our organization.


15. We have a formal sponsorship program specifically designed to elevate diverse talent.


16. All of our leaders are measured on their ability to recruit and retain diverse talent.


17. Our leaders are measured on their record of consistently leading diverse teams.


18. One of the capabilities most valued by our organization is the ability to foster positive intellectual discourse with people of different backgrounds and experiences.


19. In addition to racial and gender diversity, our leaders role model vastly different career paths, background experiences, and perspectives.


20. Our company talent is comprised of 50% women and 30% minority group representation at all levels and in all job categories.


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