Organizational Assessments & Surveys

Our assessment, survey, and data analytics tools help organizations identify targeted opportunities for improvement within specific business areas of their organization that can be understood, measured and evaluated over time.

This is what we offer


  • Statistical study of current state through data analytics
  • Overview of organization’s inclusion talent management & employee engagement challenges and ideas for leveraging strengths
  • Practical and specific recommendations in multiple business areas
  • Next step approach for resolving key challenge areas and celebrating areas of strength


  • Provides baseline assessment of talent management and culture to enable measurement of progress
  • Third party gap analysis brings objectivity and industry expertise, as well as guidance to managing new information
  • Demonstration of organization’s commitment to equitable talent processes

Assessing Current State

Our range of organizational assessments, engagement surveys, and HR data analysis solutions provide organizations the information necessary to create impactful strategies to benefit employees, leaders, and organizational stakeholders.

Culture, Engagement & Belonging Survey

Receive valuable employee engagement feedback & suggested initiatives with minimal budget impact

Using an all-employee survey, we analyze themes for leadership to consider and offer targeted suggestions for improved culture and engagement.

HR Data Analysis

Utilize your existing quantitative data set through our statistical analysis to understand trends & measure progress of pay, promotion, performance, and hiring

Using HR data, we provide an analysis in the form of a report & proposed recommendations.

Inclusion Assessment

Offering a deep-dive of organizational inclusion across and up the organization; easily accessible through a visual scorecard

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative information, we provide a comprehensive assessment of diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging in the form of a scorecard report with identification of key challenges & specific solutions.

What We Do

Through analysis of quantitative and qualitative data we gather, we highlight and organize outcomes and recommendations within 12 key business areas.

How We Design

We bring transparency of wins and opportunities for improved inclusivity, productivity and retention that are specific and actionable.

Dashboard Options

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Leadership Competencies








Creation of leadership or organizational competencies to align with organization and to evaluate where leadership skill improvements are needed

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Talent Pipeline Tracking

We create a dashboard using your current systems in order for you to broaden your pipeline to ensure you have access to the best talent

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Talent Performance Dashboard

Ongoing measurement of our scorecard key-performance indicators

“Their approach resonated with our leadership. They had many suggestions which can be readily implemented into our day-to-day interactions.”








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