Analytics & Reporting

Let our data analytics team handle the analysis of your data and create visually impactful reports for internal and external distribution.

This is what we offer


  • Statistical analysis of your HR data set
  • Visually clear presentation of data and trends
  • Stylized reporting designed for relevant audience


  • Third-party analysis of data
  • Clear data presentation based on years of experience
  • Highlight of positive themes and proactive solutions for areas of opportunities

Sample Analytics

Our data analysis provides organizations with a clear understanding of current state based on their existing HR data set


Analytics & Reporting Solutions

Options for organizations

Data Analysis

Statistical analysis of a range of data sets

DEI Reporting

Visually impactful presentation and analysis of current state DEI

ESG and CSR Reporting

Analysis and reporting of Social responsibility for ESG and CSR reports

What We Do

Our deep knowledge of data analytics provides organizations with the tools to understand their own data to make strategic decisions

How We Design

Our visually impactful presentation of data allows organizations the ability showcase their commitment to transparency to employees & stakeholders

“Out of the providers we vetted, Orange Grove’s methodology seemed the most practical and well-rounded. Once we started working with them, they delivered on their approach in a highly responsive manner.”








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