Strategy & Planning

Building an intentional culture and implementing change without a roadmap can be difficult. We make it easy with our strategy & planning offerings.

This is what we offer


  • Focused strategy saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary and distracting initiatives without true impact
  • Alignment to business goals and annual targets
  • Concise and specific Strategic Goals to align and direct the process of change
  • Energy and excitement about the possibilities

Strategy & Planning Workshops

We offer a range of solutions for talent management strategy building on a range of topics, including: culture & belonging, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), employee engagement, leveraging AI & data for HR, pay transparency, recruitment & onboarding, return to office (RTO), as well as other challenges.

Options for organizations:

Issue-Specific Strategy Workshop

When a specific issue is clear & needs to be solved

Two-hour worksop on concepts, and discussion about immediate way forward plan

Update Strategy Workshop

If a current strategy needs to be updated or expanded

2-3 workshops 2.5 hours each, to review/restart a high level-definition of the current strategy

New Strategy Development Workshop

For organizations looking to create a broad and meaningful strategy with full leadership support

Two full days of off-site strategy sessions (or a series of virtual sessions) to build consensus, create vision, and prioritize goals

What We Do

Our unique approach to building strategic programs offers leaders a process to create specific and concise strategic goals unique to the organization.

How We Design

Using a design thinking process, we expertly facilitate your stakeholder team to clearly define the parameters of your inclusive organization.

“Orange Grove Consulting provided our firm with the direction and framework we needed for how to embark on a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative with a recognition and appreciation for our starting place.”

– mid-sized engineering HR leader

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