What We Do

Our unique approach to building strategic inclusion programs offers leaders a process to create specific and concise strategic goals unique to the organization. Using a design thinking process, we expertly facilitate your stakeholder team to clearly define the parameters of your inclusive organization.


  • Focused strategy saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary and distracting initiatives without true impact
  • Trained and engaged committee members
  • Concise and specific goals to align and direct the process of change
  • Energy and excitement about the possibilities


  • DEI current state executive summary including a six month action plan
  • Communication document that shares the DEI objectives, goals and DEI action plan
  • Key talking points to initiate post-session discussions with key people in your responsibility areas

Issue-specific DEI strategy workshop
When a specific inclusion issue is clear and needs to be solved

Two-hour workshop on concepts, and discussion about immediate way forward plan
DEI strategy update workshop
If a current strategy needs to be updated or expanded

2-3 workshops 2.5 hours each, to review/restart a high-level definition of inclusion
DEI strategy development workshop
For organizations looking to create a brand and meaningful strategy with full leadership support

Two full days of off-site strategy sessions (or a series of virtual sessions) to build consensus, create vision, and prioritize goals