Orange Grove Consulting is a women-owned business specializing in research-based leadership development and bias-removal.

We help organizations improve recruitment, retention and promotion of diverse talent across an organization. We can uncover barriers to diversity in current talent pipeline with a focus on removing them so all people can thrive. Our end goal is to create more innovative and inclusive workplaces.

Our Approach



Make the invisible assumptions about others (such as racial or gender bias) visible so that people can see the challenges from different perspectives, enabling them to be open to change. 


The OGC philosophy is that inclusion is a set of learnable skills. People need to be taught so they have the capabilities to act. They need to be given the space to learn, make mistakes and develop expertise.


Systematize new processes to create a learning, safe space and to make it easier to highlight and reframe biases.

Orange Grove created a 5-step model to build inclusion strategy
Step 1 - Define Inclusivity. Step 2 - Understand Current State. Step 3 - Empower and Envision. Step 4 - Process Change and Implementation. Step 5 - Roll Out, Measure, Systematize, and Review.

Our DEI work focuses on implementing diversity in the workplace.


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What can you expect from us?
A real partnership where we work with you to meet your goals.

We offer:

  • Prompt responses
  • Reasonable suggestions
  • Transparent process and timelines
  • Reasonable rates
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