Client Testimonials

The Orange Grove presentation was engaging, successfully created awareness and challenged our organization to improve. Their balanced approach, infused with humor, was just right. They had many suggestions which can be readily implemented in our day-to-day interactions. The presentation was well received and a huge success.

Jennifer Clark, Executive VP, General Counsel of The RMR Group

Orange Grove Consulting ran a short workshop on Gender Bias for the Boston Ellevate Network organization. I learned a great deal in a very short amount of time, which is a testament to their command of the subject matter and ability to present it in a clear and highly engaging way. We hope to work with Orange Grove in the future. Highly engaging, relevant with powerful content.
Susan Kazanas, Boston Ellevate Network Leadership Team
The Orange Grove Consulting workshop presented at MESA’s Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH) event was highly engaging and interactive. Women and men alike were absorbed in the presentation, activities and discussions. The presenter shared meaningful stories and the audience seemed to learn something, new and useful, to take back to their everyday lives. Our post-event survey returned the highest marks and our membership loved it! I highly recommend Orange Grove Consulting for associations, corporate events, or any group looking to bring interactive, topical and entertaining content to their audiences.
Guy Finley, Executive Director, Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA)
Jodi did an outstanding job in her presentation to our management team on Gender Bias at work. Her approach is down to earth and thought provoking. She engages her audience and keeps their attention by combining instruction, real life scenarios and interactive exercises. Most important is her ability to guide the team in an exercise of self-reflection on their own unconscious biases and provide guidance on how to address and avoid them. I highly recommend Jodi to an organization that wants to further educate on this topic and inspire action.
Vice President, Human Resource
We worked with Jodi and Kelly in developing a new product targeting women at various leader levels. At the outset, our time and resources were limited, but Jodi and Kelly exceeded our expectations by meeting tight deadlines and delivering high quality content.
Shannon Luttge, Content
Producer & Product Manager, Skillsoft
I found the underlying assumption part of Kelly’s talk to be enlightening! The best part was reframing that I am a work in progress.
Toyota Developmental Workshop Attendee
Of all the women’s leadership events, books and webinars I have attended this year, I felt the information covered in Jodi’s seminar hit closest to home and gave me some ideas, tools and motivation I could execute immediately.
Booz & Co. Women’s Leadership Seminar Attendee
I think my biggest take away was that a lot of the limits we face, we’ve placed on ourselves. And being aware of those assumptions behind it and how we can reframe on a daily basis on all levels of my career, my personal interactions. It was really eye opening
Women in Technology Hollywood Attendee
My biggest takeaway was that, particularly in male-dominated environments, it is important to speak up and support other females in ensuring their voice is heard and at the table.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee
I was not expecting to become involved with such a wonderful community of people; the interactions and accountability meetings made the experience go beyond my expectations of a typical class.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee
This program gave me the tool kit to communicate my needs, feel confident in my abilities and believe in what I deserve. Being surrounded by a strong group of women with similar experiences, yet different backgrounds, helped reinforce/validate many of the challenges I face.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee
I knew from talking with the past cohort that the experience would be invaluable, but didn’t realize how many new skills — actionable strategies I’d acquire. We received many small steps that can be integrated into daily routine and developed into a master plan for goal setting, visioning, networking, business development, etc.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee
The biggest “aha” moment was probably when we were going through some of the exercises and you get down to the point where it asks you what your barrier is, and you find out that your barrier is really just you.
Beth, Senior Manager, CIO Attendee
This program revealed to me that the struggles that I’m dealing with at work as a working mom, as an executive, they are not uncommon and that there are really clear steps that I can take to address the
issues that I’m having and really make progress.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee
For me, as a woman who is newly entering the workforce, it was really important to see what struggles other women have had and kind of figuring out what assumptions I already have.
Women’s Leadership Program Attendee


I thought our speaker, Kelly Watson, from Orange Grove Consulting was terrific! I walked away with a few ideas in my head. One, it’s ok to allow yourself to be a work in progress, and ok to admit it and ask for help. Two, the set of rules women often assume set us up to assume the identity of the ultimate Super Woman. And lastly, we are all too often the ones holding ourselves back. Step out of your comfort zone and go for it!
Brandy Alvarado, AVIXA Women’s Council

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