This mini self-assessment can give you idea of where you are on the Ally-ship Continuum. Please take a moment to answer, as truthfully as you can, the following true/false questions. Don’t overthink your answers; just choose what first comes to mind or how you think about this the majority of the time.

1. I don’t see any barriers for women or LGBTQ people in the workplace.

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2. There is rarely discrimination anymore.

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3. In general, I feel people get hired and promoted based on merit.

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4. Measuring gender and race just promotes reverse discrimination and lower quality hiring.

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5. Women and gay men are generally better at “soft skills.”

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6. Women’s careers naturally progress more slowly because they take time off for motherhood.

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7. I don’t think it is automatically offensive to tell jokes about women or minorities as long as the stereotype is valid.

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8. Some cultures are just better at some things than others. African Americans are better at sports and Asians are better at math, for example.

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9. I don’t see race, disability, or gender: I see people.

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10. I was taught to treat everyone the same.

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11. Bias is bad. I am not biased because I am a good person.

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12. Race and gender are irrelevant.

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13. Unconscious bias holds some people back.

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14. Discomfort discourages me from situations where I am in the minority.

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15. I notice that sometimes women are interrupted or spoken over during meetings.

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16. I regularly seek out feedback from people with different perspectives from mine.

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17. When a comment or joke makes me uncomfortable, I bite my tongue and change the subject.

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18. I have engaged in difficult personal conversations with someone of a different race or sexual orientation.

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19. I have read a number of books/articles about gender and race to improve my understanding.

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20. It’s not worth it to confront sexist or racist behavior. Just ignore it. You can’t change people.

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21. I actively seek out diverse friends (different ages, abilities, races, and levels of education) in my personal life.

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22. I consider diversity a key selection criteria for determining who should get a contract or job

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23. I serve as a mentor or sponsor for someone of a different age, race, ability level, or gender.

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24. My team is comprised of 50% women and 30% minority group representation.

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