Work-life integration remains illusive to many people — yet finding the right work-life integration is crucial for a leader to achieve peak performance. Employers are often unsure how to support work-life balance and women sometimes keep themselves small or leave altogether when work and life seem at odds. On the other hand, men can feel left out of the work-life conversation.  Through this interactive workshop, participants will learn about a third way that integrates work and life using Orange Grove Consulting’s paradigm-shifting research, and examine the underlying assumptions that make work-life a perceived either/or choice. On completion of the program, both women and men will learn about how to succeed at work while maximizing a robust life.

Who should attend?

Early- to mid-career women who are seeking better work-life integration.

Training Content

You’ll achieve the following learning objectives from attending this training:

•Reframe your mindset about work-life balance

•Adapt your approach to work to enable flexibility

•Integrate the work-life approach into your daily decisions