Our assessment and competency tools help companies identify targeted opportunities for improvement within specific business areas of their organization that can be measured and evaluated over time.

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Inclusion Assessments & Scorecards


Our assessments help leaders get clarity on employees’ day-to-day experiences around issues of gender and diversity and how those experiences impact company culture. Through analysis of quantitative and qualitative data we gather, we highlight and organize outcomes and recommendations within 12 key business areas. For more in-depth outcomes, we deliver recommendations within 12 KPIs in an Inclusivity Scorecard. Through this process, we bring transparency of wins and opportunities for improved inclusivity, productivity and retention that are specific and actionable.

Inclusive Competency Framework

Our Inclusive Competency Framework translates the intangible aspects of inclusive values into clearly defined performance targets and behaviors. We help design role-specific inclusive competencies for your organization that deliver on the expectation of equitable compensation, performance rewards and hiring decisions.


Improve the overall performance and inclusivity of your organization with our Consulting Services. Our targeted services are tailored to the needs of your organization. Services offered include the creation of inclusive dashboards, organizational and team development, and pipeline development succession planning.