Gender Equity as Operational Strategy

What we’ve discovered at Orange Grove Consulting is that there is a gap: most companies don’t understand the true costs and benefits of increasing the number of women in leadership. As a result, they are making decisions that look like they are moving the needle but are having only short-term and usually minimal impact.

In response, we have developed a way to quantify the costs and benefits to a company based on specific pain points. For example, if a company is losing mid-level women, our methodology identifies specific drivers of that pain point. This allows us to develop metrics for quantifying the costs of that talent loss.  By quantifying the specific costs and benefits of that pain point, we can tailor a program to help a company implement solutions to the problem with a quantifiable ROI.

At Orange Grove Consulting, we believe there is a quantifiable business case to be made to make changes that enable more women to get into leadership which has bottom line benefit.

For more information or to schedule a presentation of our approach, please email Celina Guerrero, Director of Business Development at [email protected].