What’s Wrong with Political Correctness?

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In today’s workplace, having diverse teams with people of different races, genders, and other identity groups is critical. The bottom-line business benefits of having a diverse workforce are clear — with increases in innovation and productivity — but navigating different groups of people and personalities isn’t always easy. You’ve probably heard of instances when someone […]

You Launched a Diversity Initiative in 2020 – Hooray! Now What?

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If you are like many organizational leaders in 2020, you likely kicked off a diversity initiative to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of women and people of color. Maybe you’ve launched new anti-discrimination policies or implemented recruiting quotas. But after you’ve made these first steps toward an inclusive workplace, how do you know you’ve […]

Leading Inclusively: It’s All About the 21st Century Leadership Skills

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Many organizations implement a diversity program in the hopes of avoiding bad publicity, but wonder why they don’t see long-term change. They hire a VP of Diversity and Inclusion and roll out bias training – now we’re fixed, right?  Yet senior leadership still looks the same -other than the VP of Diversity and Inclusion, of […]

Mindset Shift: The First Step To Building An Equitable Workplace

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Plenty of organizations want to create an equitable workplace, and yet only 18% of women say their companies have done something.   (Interestingly, 51% of men think their companies have made a difference).  CEOs often make the mistake of claiming they’ll “prioritize inclusivity” and thinking demanding it is enough to solve the problem. The reality […]

The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization

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As the country deals with the impact of COVID-19 and social unrest over racial injustice, employers have vowed to improve diversity within their organizations. Though equity may be at the forefront for implementing change, there are many other reasons why organizations should prioritize diversity. Diversity and inclusion is good for business and implementing a training […]

3 Ways to Observe Your Way Into Inclusion

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By Jodi Detjen and Daffany Chan  I was speaking recently with a group of mid-level business leaders about the return from COVID. They were mentioning how their senior leadership was making plans while ignoring the implications of schools not reopening this fall. The people I spoke with described how unaware these executives were — how they had no idea about […]

The Top 10 Excuses for Excluding People and What to Do about Them

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A lack of diverse teams unequivocally hurts business innovation — yet many firms are still using excuses to keep women, people of color, and other minority groups out of the boardroom and leadership. In our conversations with corporate leaders and talent managers, we’ve heard it all. From “Of course we want diversity, but we just don’t know how” to “Women just don’t fit in”, companies […]

“Bias Blindness” as a Barrier to Inclusion

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With contributions by Stacey Gordon, Rework Work   As the country erupts with racial tension following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, communities and workplaces have become battlegrounds of debate.  The Black Lives Matter movement and protestors seeking justice for George Floyd have been met with resistance and outrage. While what some of these […]