Untitled design 10 1Theresa Sheets

 As a facilitator, Theresa Sheets is sparked by her passion to equip and empower people with the right knowledge and tools.  As a result, not only is she an expert senior training and development consultant but an applauded presenter and facilitator who has stood in front of and galvanized more than 15,000 executives, business leaders, other professionals, and volunteers.  She works with clients to facilitate thought-provoking, behavior-changing conversations on a range of issues including Leadership Development topics, Diversity and Inclusion, Harassment Prevention, and Conflict Management.  Theresa’s portfolio includes facilitating discussions for executive leaders at ThinkHuman, Shiseido, and Snap, adding to her successful training and development work across industries such as healthcare, nonprofit, government, and education.  Theresa’s dynamic facilitation style is enriched by a B.A. in Communication and an M.S. specializing in Training and Performance Improvement, helping her produce vitalizing training events that motivate learners and lead to learning transfer, enhanced professional performance, and the achievement of desired business objectives.