2 Minute Read | Women’s Leadership Myths

Welcome to Myth #8 of our 16 blog-series highlighting women’s leadership myths.

Myth # 8:  Keep your head down. Work Hard. And you’ll be rewarded. (And Find out how to self-promote at our 2nd annual women’s leadership event Sep 15.) 

We really want this one to be true.  We want to believe that if you go to your job every day, and sit at your desk, and get your work done, good things will happen.  Promotions will be handed down.  Respect will come your way.  But often this just isn’t the case.  All you really ensure by quietly doing your job well is that folks will imagine you doing that same job in that same way forever.  That is IF they even think of you at all.

The Reframe: Keep your head up. Declare your value. Go after what you want.

The reality is that people are busy.  Your colleagues are busy.  Your boss is busy.  It is no one else’s job to guess the myriad ways in which you are awesome.  No one needs to read your mind but you.

Learn to measure your worth in the workplace.  Practice communicating this to others in language that makes sense.  When you understand the value you add, you can take charge of your own professional outcomes.

Try This:

Attend the Women in Leadership Career Lab September 15.  Join other female leaders and rising stars for a day dedicated to understanding the impact you have on your organization.  Shift the way you think and talk about your value, receive tools to help you increase this value, and learn how to leverage your worth into action and opportunity.

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