Over the last 3 years, there have been so many changes in the world of gender equity and inclusion.
First there was gender equity, women in leadership programs and diversity. Then #metoo came, followed by the #metoo backlash, male allyship, and the progression of identity and belonging.  Self-selecting pronouns of “she, he, they” have become quite commonplace. There are increasingly influential ideas around inclusivity and intersectionality.

All this has happened against the backdrop of companies managing an increase of millennials in the workforce, low unemployment rates, and a reality that a high number of employees are disengaged with increasing burn out.
How does one make sense of it all?
Our approach has steadfastly been to reframe the status quo through skills training and frameworks in order to manage and pursue positive change.

By looking at our workplaces, choices and processes through a reframed lens, we develop new mindsets to solve whatever barriers stand in the way. By looking at these capabilities as skills that can be developed, we enable these new mindsets to become embedded practices.

The best organizations have been willing to start to look at themselves and take the time to self-assess. And when companies, leaders, managers, individuals know where they stand, and where they want to be, they do the work to enable change towards their new goal.

This work is where our strengths lie. Our approach is to enable all genders to learn new skills, and company leadership to understand what their options are for making lasting change towards their goal.

Our book coming this fall addresses our approach to creating inclusive workplaces.
Throughout this year, we will start to introduce you to the concepts and skillsets we highlight in our book around gender, inclusion and equity.

We are your partner to help face these challenges together.
How can we partner with you? A number of ways:

Welcome to 2020. Here’s to working together for inclusion in the new year.

Learn the 21st century competencies of managing and leading with our Inclusive Leadership Training. Leaders will be better equipped to help team members realize their potential, think more strategically and better manage difference. Contact Us to learn more.

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