Not sure if your current DEI initiatives are working, or why your diverse talent doesn’t stay?

An assessment may be the missing step in your DEI journey. After all, assessments provide a data-driven understanding of how your workplace is currently doing, helping you identify areas to expand on your DEI commitments as well as celebrate what is working well. Measuring the progress of your DEI goals will set your organization up for the bottom-line business benefits that come with an inclusive workplace.

Orange Grove Consulting’s assessment tools help companies identify targeted opportunities for improvement within specific business areas of their organization that can be measured and evaluated over time. Through analysis of quantitative and qualitative data we gather, we highlight and organize outcomes and recommendations within 12 key business areas. With a strategic assessment of your company’s progress, you can focus on making changes only where they’re needed and in ways that complement your organization’s overall priorities.

We offer three assessment levels, depending on the needs of your organization. 


Using an all-employee survey, we analyze themes for leadership to consider. You’ll receive valuable inclusion themes and suggested initiatives with minimal budget impact.


Using HR data and an all-employee survey, we provide an assessment analysis with report and proposed recommendations. You’ll have the benefit of  quantitative analysis  of your data in combination with qualitative perceptions of employees to offer you an extensive understanding of current state and applicable suggestions for inclusion improvement.


By adding select employee interviews along with HR data and all-employee survey results, we expand the assessment and analysis to include a scorecard report and proposed recommendations. The comprehensive level offers a deep-dive of organizational inclusion across and up the organization; easily accessible through a visual scorecard.

Once we’ve completed the assessment, we’ll compile our findings and analysis in a report and presentation.  Our recommendations for improved inclusivity, productivity and retention are specific and actionable so that your organization will see long-term benefits to DEI.

To learn more about the value of each assessment component to your organization, keep an eye out for part two of this article coming soon.

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