Across 2021, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become more important than ever in the workplace, with HR leaders taking the initiative to drive meaningful change in their organizations. From shifts in office structures to hiring strategy, many businesses are putting DEI in the center of all their efforts. As the DEI landscape continues to evolve, we’re seeing 8 top topics emerge. If you’re looking to kick off the new year by prioritizing DEI, check out these eight trends -for 2022.  


1. Reorganization of the American Workforce 

The pandemic has disrupted so much about our lives, personally and professionally. Covid-19 has created a confluence of situations that are creating the opportunity (and in some cases the requirement) for organizations to reconfigure their workplaces, including hybrid work options and job-crafting initiatives.​ This reorganization is the ideal opportunity to redesign with inclusion in mind, or risk recreating the biases of the past 


2. Strategic DEI Initiatives 

In 2020 and 2021 many organizations made statements and started or further promoted ERGs. Organizations are now realizing that DEI should be strategic and measurable, based on their unique situation.​ Time to make DEI strategy a strategy integrated like all other business strategies.  


3. Talent Shortage & Interest in Diverse Hiring 

Due to low unemployment, organizations are experiencing a talent shortage while many are also  interested in sourcing more diverse talent. The opportunity for companies who inclusify their hiring practices is to attract the diverse talent and the talent who want to work in a diverse organization.  


4. Inclusive Communication 

We have seen an increase in organizations wanting to train managers and employees to communicate inclusively, both internally as well as externally, with customers..  Skilling up to be inclusive is a key element to successfully integrating DEI.  


5. Resistance to DEI Concepts & Ineffective Inclusive Leadership 

As the workplace shifts with these trends, there is the inevitable pushback and resistance to change. We are seeing resistance in the workplace to initiatives since DEI has become more mainstream. We are also hearing from organizations that while inclusive leadership is important, their leaders are untrained in their demonstration of inclusive skills. 


6. DEI Measurement   

The awareness that DEI should be an operational initiative is leading organizations to realize analysis of current state and a plan for future measurement is necessary. Measurement of initiatives is what leads to demonstrable improvement. 


7. Empathy & Belonging 

We are hearing this everywhere – empathy training & the need for “Belonging”. Important to leadership and culture, empathy is demonstrated through inclusive leadership skills, and belonging is created through inclusive workplaces. 


8. Minimizing Bias in Performance Management 

Organizations are starting to realize that bias in their performance management affects the talent pipeline across the organization. We have been uncovering hidden bias in that area through our inclusion assessment work, and we have developed strategies to help organizations minimize bias in their performance management. 


Make 2022 the year DEI transforms your talent. If you’re looking for support with any of the above trends and topics, such as improving your diverse hiring efforts, assessing current state DEI, creating measurement tools or upskilling your employees and leaders, we offer a range of solutions to assist with your 2022 DEI efforts. Please reach out to learn more! 

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