2 Minute Read | Women’s Leadership Myths

Welcome to Myth #6 of our 16 blog-series helping you to retain, promote and hire more women.

Myth # 6: Women quit because they can’t manage work and family

Overheard: “She quit because she wants to spend more time with her family. No wonder we can’t get more women in management.” True? Think again: Women quit because they aren’t being paid sufficiently. Women leave to find better opportunities.

When we label it as she quit to be with family, guess what – we don’t have to do anything! We feel free of responsibility.

The Reframe: Rethink WHY

Instead, organizations can look at the real reasons why women leave and share this information. Once the root cause is identified, then managers can fix it, improving the organization. Instead of avoiding conflict and rationalizing, we can work to make things more effective.

And, women can reframe too. Instead of relying on a reason that avoids pointing fingers, women can say, if I give the real reason why I’m leaving, I will help shift the assumption for other women.

Try This:

Talk to your team about why team members have left. Reflect on your assumptions about their decisions. Which part of their decision was your responsibility? What could you change to help others?

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