2023 has just kicked off, which means now is the perfect time to set your sights on finally achieving your DEI goals in the new year. Resolutions and/or intentions are a way to be proactive about defining your personal or your organizational goals for an equitable workplace before you achieve them strategically. Setting benchmarks for your DEI strategy keeps you aligned with the future you.

The team at Orange Grove shared their inclusion-related resolutions/intentions for 2023, which range from keeping yourself accountable for unconscious bias to being an active champion of DEI. If you have resolved to make changes in the new year, check out these suggestions to build a more inclusive work culture in 2023.

Keep Yourself Aware of Bias and Your Assumptions

Unconscious bias in the workplace can creep into all levels of your promotion pipeline, from hiring to mentorship of employees. When left unchecked, unconscious biases will end up hurting your team morale and pushing employees away from your business. Since implicit bias can happen without you even realizing it, it can be hard to address. That’s why it’s important to continually challenge your own unconscious bias in the workplace – particularly when there are differences that can make communication challenging, such as language barriers. You’ll also want to bring awareness to the subtle ways that bias can come into play, such as judging the speed of someone’s work or time off for maternity leave.

Invest in Growing Your Consciousness Around Inclusion

To truly show up for DEI in 2023, you’ll want to be more mindful and intentional of how you show up in the world and what you bring to the table. To do so, it’s essential to invest in growing your consciousness by specifically blocking time for intentional reflection and introspection on how you’re doing and what you can do better. Some things to consider during your reflection is any feedback that others have given you and how your actions have impact in the workplace.

Stay Open And Curious

Being open and curious to new ideas, experiences, and people are essential to continuing to grow your awareness. There are plenty of ways to broaden your knowledge in the field, including attending DEI training and conferences. When you’re in the presence of others, it’s a good idea to “ask more than tell.” Make sure to listen before speaking and reacting so that you can really understand what someone else is trying to convey before you jump to your own conclusions.

Be An Active Champion Of DEI

The new year is the perfect time to take the reins and be proactive when it comes to building an inclusive culture. Some ways to actively champion DEI in the workplace is by looking out for employees who are less like you – such as people who are younger or at an earlier stage in their career than you are – especially when considering mentorship or hiring opportunities. You can use your voice and position of power to stand up for others who may not have the same privileges at work.

Practice Kindness and Patience in the Process

Long-lasting change won’t come overnight. That’s why it’s essential to practice patience and kindness as you move along in the journey, and understand that you and others will make mistakes as you become more aware of your biases at work. Accept that sometimes slowing down is the best option to listening and developing empathy for others. When working to build an inclusive workplace, make sure not to forget your own experience in the workplace – share vulnerability by leaning into and experiencing the inclusion, belonging, and safety that is also offered to you by others.

Whether you are a proponent of resolutions, intentions, or calendar-based goals, the start of a new calendar year can be a good reason to assess areas you would like to improve in or focus on. We hope that sharing our ideas provides inspiration or motivation for how you are approaching DEI in 2023!

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