Inclusive leadership is a 21st century skill, and an increasing differentiator in the marketplace. And yet, the skills of inclusive leadership are not typically taught or evaluated. Organizations assume these skills will occur naturally, or that they must find the person who has the skills.

We believe inclusion is skills-based. People can learn.

Selected Programs

People want to manage more inclusively; they just don’t know how. When we give people the tools and skills, they rise to the challenge.

Inclusivity and Its Impact on Your Organization

This facilitated session for top leaders provides the data and business case for what inclusivity is, and why and how it helps the organization to be more competitive.

Including Men in the Gender Equality and Inclusivity Conversation

The outcome of this session is to provide a better understanding of how everyone benefits from working together.

Managerial Inclusivity Training Program

Our Manager Training series uniquely helps managers gain the 21st C leadership skill of more effectively leveraging diversity for innovation.

Anti-Racism in Action: Building Racial Equity

Our Anti-Racism in Action session provides a background in systemic racism and offers a path towards becoming actively Anti-Racist.
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Developing an Inclusive Talent Pipeline

By adapting management styles, managers can build a more inclusive team, help their team members realize their potential, think more strategically and increase their impact.

How to Manage for Inclusivity in Retention and Promotion

Managers learn to create an inclusive culture that improves retention and sparks new ways of looking at promotion.

Inclusive Team Building Training for Managers

Managers learn how to build a collaborative team and harness cognitive diversity to increase innovation and employee engagement.

Unconscious Bias and Cultural Competence

This program teaches new decision-making frameworks for bias-free decisions and provides a new model for managing diverse group conflict in an increasingly multicultural world.


Here’s what past attendees of our programs are saying.

The Orange Grove presentation was engaging, successfully created awareness and challenged our organization to improve.”

I highly recommend Orange Grove Consulting for associations, corporate events, or any group looking to bring interactive, topical and entertaining content to their audiences.”

I learned a great deal in a very short amount of time, which is a testament to their command of the subject matter and ability to present it in a clear and highly engaging way.”