Women in Leadership Training – 5 Steps to Figure Out What Works for Your Company

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There are so many reasons why women-only leadership programs exist, all of which focus on career development and progression. Among these benefits are that these programs: Give women a supportive environment to take risks within a group of people that often have similar perspective and experiences within that workplace. Provide a platform for women to […]

How to Get More Women Into Leadership? Give Men Time Off

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By Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner Adapted from Blog written for Bright Horizons There’s plenty in the news about getting more women into leadership. But, increasingly, companies are dialing into the reality that gender equity is not going to change until men are involved as well. A key ingredient? Paternity leave. Yes, it seems like a […]

Not Enough Women in Your Pipeline? Think Again.

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  An original version of this blog was published on the Skillsoft Learning Blog.   In 2016, Facebook reported that the numbers of women and minorities employed in its U.S. work force remained largely unchanged from the previous year.  The company cited the “pipeline” as the problem:  there were not enough women and minorities entering […]

Myth: The Best Negotiator Deserves The Raise

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2 Minute Read | Women’s Leadership Myths Welcome to Myth #5 of our 16 blog-series highlighting women’s leadership myths. Myth # 5: The Best Negotiator Deserves the Raise. Women are regularly counseled to negotiate more (and our research suggests that women assume that they “shouldn’t”). But there’s an underlying assumption being made: Why are raises […]